Tween Camp..WHimsical Houses Day 2

On the second day of art camp we further explored the Whimsical House theme but went 3-D. Here's a glimpse of this day:

Lunch on the porch both days was a treat. Nobody ever hangs out here with me but the dogs. It was nice to have a pile of teen girls out here with me.

I found this idea on Pinterest...then it turned out to be my art friend V. Originals! She is an amazing artist. I loved sharing her work with my kiddos and inspiring them with her creations.  These are going to be super cute hanging in the girl's rooms. The 3-D wooden houses can either hang or sit on a shelf. Mine is on my art desk already.

Next week is all about long legged birds. I've some fun ideas up my sleeve and some projects evolving as I see how uber talented the group that signed up is! Seriously, I love camp. They ALL want to be here. They are ALL out of the running through the mud school mode (me too). I forget how much school takes creativity out of kids lives. There simply is no time for art anymore. These middle school kids are lucky to get art once for 9 weeks in the year. How can one possibly live a year without art? Right? Which makes my wheels start spinning that maybe I should start offering once a month "open studio" for tweens. Have them come and just make stuff all day. Oh lawsy...here I go again with the ideas.

Today I spent getting ready for camp next week. Friday is my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. 50. 50!!  Good grief. That is amaze balls. So we are having a family gathering here then headed to the LAKE all weekend. I can not wait to get myself in a float in the lake with a beverage of choice. (I have a lake drink love.  It's called dark and stormy....look it up guys. Oh boy is it yummy!) And if the lake is high enough I'll do a little dock jumping (I'll be sure to share a video of that!). Oh boy. This is gonna be a great summer!  Awesome art camps, little Lake trips and eventually sand in the toes. Woohooo!! And of course an e-course!!!!


Mary said...

That camp looks like a lot of fun for tween girls! My daughter would love to make the 3D house for her room. Can you tell me how the base was made or are these pre-fab? Thanks and enjoy your summer!

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