Around Here Lately

My Paint Something e-course is now in week 3. It is going better than I ever imagined. The student work is blowing me away! It is very time consuming teaching this way because I keep thinking of things to add, say and video. Thus why I've been very quiet here. Sorry. But I have been painting. Not much. But enough to keep me excited about the medium.
Look at this sweet bike above! Why haven't I thought to do rainbow spokes before? right??

I hope your summer is going smoothly. We are having the best summer in the Horne house. This is our last week at home with next at the beach and the next SCHOOL STARTS. What? I know. It's gone way too quickly.  But I have rested, taught, and played the perfect amount. So I feel ready to go back and embrace the new year. With one entering High School more than ever I am learning to slow down and enjoy these kids of ours. They are pretty cool to be around.

See ya hopefully later in the week with a few more paintings I have in the works!

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