Summer Time

Oh summer. Summer. Summer. This summer, unlike last year I feel good. In fact thinking about last summer makes me sad. I spent a majority of it feeling so bad I don't remember much about being a mother, a friend, a wife and even less about an ARTIST. It's a bit of a blur. All I remember is feeling out of control from my health to our finances. Out.of.control. This summer we are exploring life around town, our first trip to the lake with teen friends, (whole blog post worth of that experience!!) and my first art e-course. 
Oh geesh look at this photo above. Lawrence is feeling quite left out of porch life. Where I am spending as much time as possible. Lily has completely embraced porch life. Must be a girl thing.
I've spent most of my summer free time writing the e-course material on the porch. It feels SO right and SO good to write this. Like something really big is going to emerge from all this. I feel it to my core. In fact after editing today's video I totally cried. It's that freeing to give myself over to teaching creatively like this.
So...if you did'nt get in on the first e-course, I am already scheming the calendar for the fall course. Yep......be on the look out. For now I've get to back to the video that's uploading. Multi-tasking at its best right? Blogging and e-courseing at the same time!

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laura Madalene said...

What a great idea, as usual! I love this and I'm thinking of where we could do it now. Thanks for the idea! Oh and I totally rocked at four square too...ah, the memories!
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