Well...this has been an interesting night

You never realize how much you use your hands until well, one of them is injured. True story. Wanna hear how my night went? Grab a drink...this is a long one. So we were going to the movies with friends. I was to drive since Kelly's daughter needed her car to get to softball practice. No problem. We pull into the drive and Mailey reminds me that the back seat needed to be pulled up so they could sit there. No problem. So I push the seat up, then pull the cords 1, 2, 3 and jerk with all my 130pd body weight. But instead of popping up like it's supposed to, it came crashing down, on my right hand. Holy cheesecracker with a side of tequila. I screamed. Then looked at William in the van and said, "I think I broke my hand". Then my world started to spin and what they say about you feel like vomitting, is a true story. So I sat on the end of the van while Kelly came running out (the other Mom) with Mailey and Julie. I told her I thought my hand was broken and could I have some ice and sit for a minute inside? Inside while she got the ice I had to sit because the world was spinning. I've never felt so outer body in my entire life. Kelly's daughter was inside with her boyfriend Ryan who looked at the hand and my actions and kept saying, I think we need to call 911. I was like, "no I'm okay. I don't think it's really broken but I don't feel right. Something's not right. Get the kids out of the van." So the kids came in most irritated that the movie plans were obviously void....and then I did a  "scary eye roll, shaking exorcist move" the kids said and passed out. No lie. It was just a minute but I had an elaborate dream during that short time and was beginning to enjoy being in that world. Upon waking Ryan was like she needs to get to the hospital now. So up I went into his arms no less and into the van. No really he carried me to the van. Serious superhero move right? I was completely out of it. And then it's was like the fog lifted and I was back in real time... fast forward I got to Urgent Care which had NO one in it but me, and within 30 minutes was back out with no broken hand, just severe bruise. Why the seizure type experience? Evidently it was my body's way of handling the stress. Whatever it was it scared my kids to death. And Ryan. What a cool kid. Olivia is very lucky to have him as a boyfriend. All I could think about while riding in the van to Urgent care was....my right hand....my right hand....how would I teach my e-course with no hand? How would I paint? I was reeling with what it's.

We ended up going to a later movie. Haha...things I do for my kids. But the pain pill is wearing off so I am headed to bed. Still feeling weird. Evidently I kept saying weird stuff to everyone without even knowing it. William kept saying Mom...what? Did you mean.... I guess I need a good night's sleep. And a good shot of whiskey. I'll say this, I sure am glad to still have those creative hands above in tact and not broken. I can't imagine being without them. Nighty night.


Shells said...

Hugs!! Wow, scary experience and very glad your hand was not broken.

Sabrina said...

Glad you're OK. I know that feeling and I hate it! A good nights sleep and you'll be right as rain!

Christine said...

A frightening experience for sure , Jenni ! I have witnessed many people passing out after a injury or just watching someone else who was in the ED....it truly looks like that person is having a seizure , but we call it a "Syncopal Episode", the body's response to pain or atrauma of some sort.. You drop your blood pressure and "lights out" so to speak.....glad you are ok , I can only imagine how painful it was to crush your hand..glad yu are OK! chris

Happy Mama (Lisa Gonzalez) said...

I'm so glad you are ok! What a scary experience. It sounds like you have some really great kids :)

Heidi Moos said...

Egads!! Sounds like you needed a fainting couch. Hope you are bruise free soon.


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