Paint Something E-course..Round 2!

Let me ask you this...have you ever wondered where my inspirations come from? Or how I get the brush on the canvas to do this stroke or that stroke? This summer I launched my first ever e-course called Paint Something. It was a giant leap of faith that once out there people would sign up. Friends did sign up. And they flourished in the class! It was an amazing experience. So, I've decided to run it again. In October.  All the details on the course are on the website here.

For 4 weeks we'll gather 5 days a week together. From how to set up your creative space, to painting on wood panels I take you through my creative process. And the last week I even throw in how to apply to art shows, galleries, business card ideas and more. It's not just a "How to Paint" series. It's how to be an artist.dreamer.doer. Deep inside you, there is definitely more than you dare think there is. Let me help you find it.

Join me October 6th-31st with access the entire month of November.  Cost is $99. Again, check out the website here for all the great details!

1 comment:

julie said...

It would be so cool if your patterns could end up on actual bikes. (Waiting now for a bike company to figure out they need to license your designs!)

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