It Started with Orange Paint

So it started with a new container of ORANGE paint. I was getting wood cut at Lowe's for after-school and had wandered over to check out the newest samples at Lowe's. And there it was. 

The most perfect shade of orange. If you've taken either an in person or online course from me then you know I am not brand particular on paint. I buy based on yumminess of the color. Plain and simple. One of my favorite types of paint to buy are these tiny samples at Lowe's because they are a tad thinner than my regular heavy body acrylics making them perfect for painting backgrounds. Also...if you've taken a class from me you know that the background is ALWAYS painted first. I love to capture the negative spaces in a composition first. It makes the rest fall into place beautifully. See:
I just love the way the black gessoed panel and the negative space play on the canvas. Just makes my heart go pitter patter.  And then this happens:
This was the first in the series I've started. The 1st is always the best in a series for me. The spontaneity of it. The freshness of it. The freedom of it....I have a hard time capturing this magic again sometimes. But so far I think because there is no pressure to create or deadlines to make I'm doing pretty well.  See:
Saturday I was in complete creative mode. From leather cuff making to crayon ornaments, I was a busy bee in the studio. I often find that once I make the effort to get into the studio, I don't want to leave and the ideas just keep flowing. I'm also a creature of complete the task. The summer was dedicated to the e-course. Lawd that was super time consuming, but super worth it. My brain was so fixated on making it magical that there was no room for creating just to create. And then I had to finish the 24 bikes for the licensing contract. Not sure I'll be painting any more bikes for a spell. HAHA!
So now I've committed to a painting a day(but not worried if I don't paint everyday). On instagram it's #artsyorangepaintingaday. I can't wait to make a flipagram of the experience!! I read recently about an artist that did a painting a day and by the end truly found her artistic voice. Not that I don't have a little inkling as to my voice already....but no matter how versed you are as an artist you continue to struggle and search. Any artist that says they don't struggle is probably lying. So I'll continue to explore this route for a spell. See ya back later with more orangey art!


Jill Cooper said...

Beautiful color! Love the paintings.

Artsy Matilda said...

Amazing! You inspire me, Jenni. Every. single. day.
Thank you!

Amanda Izzi said...

Can you share how you make your round flower with all the lines? I love your work but can’t find an online class
Love love your work!

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