On the Art Desk

Well...my first e-course ended last week. I can not believe it! The 4 weeks we spent working online together flew by. Really. It was super awesome guys. Seriously....not trying to be "all that and a bag of chips"....but it truly was a wonderful experience. I want to do it again. So be on the look out for the 2nd launch dates. I'm thinking October. Whatcha think about that? I do hope you'll consider joining me.

In other news, we started school today. To say I have mixed emotions about it would be an understatement. I enjoyed the summer, don't get me wrong. And it always seems too short. But I also really enjoy the routine of working. My school already has a very positive vibe running through it. We are in our 2nd year with a new principal (who rocks) and just got a new assistant principal over the summer (who will equally rock). I personally like changes like this. Keeps teachers on their toes. My son started High School today. I am so excited for him I can hardly stand it! I had to drop him off a little early today because of my work schedule. I think he was a tad nervous. He just kept saying, Mom I don't know where to go. I'm going to get lost! So cute. He'll be fine. And then there's Mailey Grace. Who for 2 days has been making me huts about what to wear today. She has a closet full of cute things, but darn the dress code is strict. I see a shopping spree coming on.
I've been painting again. Finding a little time to finish a big project. Once it's done I'll tell you all about it. Let's just say I've been painting a lot of bikes lately. You know, there are only so many ways to paint a bike so I've gotten adventurous with the backgrounds. I am liking the giant flowers!

Well....off to teach. Yeah! I'll let you know how the day ends on instagram....(artsyorange)

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