Hello 43

Hello 43. I am kinda excited to see you. Seems like just yesterday I was surprised by friends and family for my 40th. There's something calming about getting older. Each year as I add another candle to the cake I am gently reminded that this life I've been given is a gift. A life that as I've gained wisdom...aka...age...I have become more and more mindful of. I have better routines for daily living. I have let go of many anxieties and have opened my heart up for truth to enter. This past year has been uncomfortable in many personal ways. But I have found that having to wiggle in my skin a bit has truly been a blessing. I was literally running on auto-pilot. Not much joy in that kind of living. So I thank my dear husband for standing by me as I grow into who I am today. And for all of you out there on this creative journey with me. I've a feeling 43 has some amazing rewards in store for me. I can not wait for them to be revealed and to absorb this entire year.


julie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful sentiment.

nacherluver said...

You are so darned cute!
Happy Birthday an welcome to 43!

Anna Davies said...

I turned 43 on April 6th, I even have my blonde hair in plaits today like you!

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