Sunday Studio Welcomes Friends

This Sunday I hosted a few friends in my studio for Sunday Studio time. Well...actually I'd never met them before, only met them online.  As you know, I've been teaching an online course called Paint Something: an e-course. It has been a huge blessing for our family in several ways. I absolutely love connecting with creatives from across the globe. This past course a sweet new painter named Britt kept popping up in my email with questions and paintings she was working on. I could seriously feel her excitement for painting through the lines on the web. Makes my heart so full to know the joy I have has spread to another.

Anyhoo, she asked if I'd be willing to do a private art class for she and her Mom. This is not something I normally do. But something about her energy made me say "Yes". Come on down. And by down I mean she DROVE 2 hours south to her Mom in Athens and then they drove the 2 hours to my house. Talk about humbling. She drove all this way just to take a personal class in my own studio. Awesome. Truly. So here we are in the studio. Oh and Mailey joined us too. That made me very very happy. :)
And before you knew it 3 hours had passed. She asked lots of questions I'd never thought about. Sometimes as a painter you just paint ya know? They were great questions though and ones I intend to add to PART 2 of the e-course coming out this summer. We all painted birds I'd found on the internet. This was what I painted during the class. As part of my personal classes I always paint with the students. I think it's important for beginning painters to watch my technique. Quickly they see I am very messy, very fast, and layering paint is what makes my paintings glow. My painting:
Britt's mom painted this:
And Britt painted this. Well...she's not done. She's a tad more meticulous than I.
During our time together I found out that she's a photographer. So today I peeked at her sight and about DIED. Her photos are gorgeous. Britt's specialty is baby photography. You gotta go peek here at her site. It'll just make you all gooey inside at how sweet the images are. Dreamy for sure. I want to reverse time and get my babies photographed by her. 

Anyhoo....this weekend got me thinking about studio time. If you are interested in a personal studio session email me for possible dates.  jennihorne@ymail.com

Private Studio Sessions
length:  3 hours
days: I am available most often on Sunday afternoons. But can work in a Friday or Saturday depending on kids and hubby. I could teach as early as 3 on Fridays. 
includes: all supplies and inspirations
cost: $60 per person for 3 hours
*please note I do prefer at least 2 students in attendance. It can be mother/daughter or just friends. I can hold up to 12 in the studio at a time. If over 10 we lengthen the class to 4 hours. 

So gather your peeps and come on down to Sharpsburg! I can't wait to meet you all and talk art and family and life and passions. It'll be a fabulous way to spend an afternoon.


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