The idea of choosing a word of the year to inspire you has been around for a spell. And, well, honestly this year I decided not to bother. Not sure why. Maybe in January I was in a funk or something. Anyhoo...fast forward to March and in particular my birthday, and a word hit me upside the head as a focal point for my year. TRUE/TRUTH

A friend gave me a print for Christmas from an Etsy artist that says "I will not compare myself to others on the internet." Awesome right? It came right after my little artsy self felt robbed of its identity. It came at a rock bottom place with my family life. It was perfectly timed. You see, we as human beings can not help but compare ourselves to others. And if you say I don't do that then you are lying to yourself. I'll admit at first when I got the poster I was like "I don't do that."  But then on second thought.....

So let's chat about this....comparing ourselves. I'm not just chatting art to art, rather I'm looking at BIG picture with comparing home to home, marriage to marriage, kid to kid, car to car, vacation to vacation, etc. Quite honestly how can we not? I love instagram and peeking into the lives of sweet friends I've never met across the globe. And have often thought to myself dang how do they keep their house so clean? Their kids are always so adorable. Oh if I could afford a vacation to Hawaii. Or LIVE in Hawaii. How do they have time to run so much? Ooo..they made that to eat? I really like that outfit. Oh my gosh that couch! Look at the fun they are having together. I could have made that. I wish we had snow. Dang they got that where? Ooo..I need that shirt. I wish my kids would selfie with me. Am I right? Have you ever had these thoughts? I have. Pretty sure you have too. Making you wiggle right?

So the word TRUE is going to be my mantra for 2015. Staying on top of myself to remain authentic in this world of copy cats and wanna bee's. I don't want to be a wanna be. I want to be ME. Jennifer Adkins Horne. I know in my heart I am truly blessed beyond measure for the life I have. It's the truth. This beautiful name comes with an occasionally messy house, old cars, no Hawaiian vacation, new front door needing asap, kids who struggle in math, injured son, burnt toast eating, Jesus loving Momma, who would love a day off to just do what she wants to do. I know the truth in my house. And that is what counts. That is what keeps me smiling and moving forward. Oh I'll continue to peek into your lives on instagram, but take every image with a grain of salt. Because "I will not compare myself to others on the internet."  truth.


Christine said...

I found a quote fron a very talented professional machine quilter, Angela Walters that speaks to me as I work on my quilting "comparison is the theif of joy" ....so true !

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