6 Weeks in an Elementary Classroom....

After today we have only 6 weeks of school left. Wowsa...the time flies. How shall I round up the year in the elementary art classroom? Paint? Clay? Oil Sticks? Watercolors? Oh the supplies to be used!  Between standardized testing, field day, and award days honestly there are very few days where it will feel normal in here. I have so much left to feed these kids. Really I do. I don't feel done.
 The paint on the tables.
 The smell of the room.
 The placement of supplies for everyone to use.
 This is the happy room in the school. The room where brains are asked to throw a party. And stretched to the limits only allowed to say "I CAN!!"
 The room where spills and messes are routine and embraced as a learning situation. Where breaking a crayon means we now have 2. Where Sharpies come to die. Pencils are tested to the limits. And the poor pink eraser....he's stabbed, written on and rubbed to the core.
 These brushes get to party hardy on paper all....the....time. And barely take a bath.
Pretty sure the 6 drying racks chat all night about what's laying on them. Lots and lots of stories in this room if only the walls could talk.

6 weeks left to scatter joy on these munchkins. 6 weeks......

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