Flower Jewelry

Do you ever look back on some of the old stuff you made and wonder why you quit making it? Me too folks.  It makes me feel kinda like a creative failure to think I quit when I was ahead with a genius idea. Like what was going on in my head to make me think, I need to stop making these gorgeous flower cabochon necklaces that no one else is making because that is a very smart thing to do. Duh. I was recently at my friend Valerie's house and we were looking for something in her art studio when I came across a bin FULL of these cabochons. And it triggered this memory of these necklaces. And I said..."Why did I quit making these?" I've personally never seen anyone use them like this in  necklaces. I have seen a lot of uses for these flowers, but not this. I mean really....a LOT of uses. So Valerie...if you are reading this can I buy that little purse of flowers from ya? Because I am thinking it's time to make some necklaces.


Angela clark said...

Love them! Order me up the daisies please! ;)

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