Weekend in Photos

 My weekend started off like the above photo. I hadn't even gotten my coat off when the doggies literally "dog piled" me. It's blurry...I know. But I love it anyways. I'd been planning and scheming for months a huge Autism Awareness fundraiser with our Viking baseball team which got rained out that afternoon. For those of you that know me know I go at it 100% and when things don't go my way....well....let's just say I might have shed a tear or two and threw a tiny tantrum at the rain. So pretty much my entire body felt like that blurry photo. Awesome. But then my sweet hubby brought home a container of Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's. I love him.
And then I found a recipe video on Facebook which really helped my evening. It's called Cookie Butter Mug cake. It was inside that Wonder Woman mug until Lily, Lawrence and I ate it all up. I tried to find a real link but I guess it's only floating on FB. You guys have GOT to try this recipe. Just be sure to stir it well before popping it into the microwave. My Wonder Woman cup thanked me. The doggies thanked me too.
Saturday after a much needed workout at the gym due to the above Wonder Woman cup cake I got into my studio and crafted up the rest of these yarn wrapped wreaths for Kirkwood Spring Fling. I forget how fun it is to just craft ya know?
Lawrence of course wouldn't leave me alone, so I whipped him up a Super hero costume. What is it with dogs and clothing and their immediate humiliation face when dressed super cute? I think it's adorable. He does not. At all. After these studio shenanigans I cleaned up the studio, plopped on the couch and slept for a few hours then watched all sorts of stupid movies. Including Mama. Have you seen that? Good grief the things in people's heads they put on the big screen.
By Sunday morning I was near about stir cray cray from the NON-STOP RAIN. I mean seriously. I live in Georgia, not the African rainforest. Pretty sure my entire body is going to mildew soon from the rain. The sun....not seen it in about a week. I am not even lying. So I just put on my running shoes, got out the old headphones and took off running. It was truly liberating. At one point I stopped, turned my head straight up to the sky and soaked it all in. The sounds, the smells, the cool rain. It was beautiful. I didn't want to stop even though I was soaked. But my stomach said please stop and eat. (more Cookie Butter cake right?)
And then I had a friend come hang with me during Sunday Studio. I hadn't seen her in ages. It was so nice. We chatted and painted for 3 hours! It was supposed to be a group lesson, but the others were coming from the north side of town where evidently it was monsooning. Because ya know, we live in the newly established Georgia Rainforest.
I finished up 2 really cute bird paintings for the upcoming Kirkwood Spring Fling. After she left we did our family grocery trip and Sunday dinner. And then I went to bed and said a tiny prayer that this week we'd see a glimpse of Mr. Sunshine. Pretty please? So what's ahead for you this week?


Anonymous said...

hey gf!! love the format of this post. if you don't mind, i may do the same sometime. how all is well with you. the costume you made for the baby is the cutest little thing i have ever seen, but of course, he is my fave so i am biased. sandy

Angela clark said...

Your blog is a smile in my day! :)

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