Corelle Design Contest

I don't know where I've been lately, man it's been awhile since my last post! My children are back in school giving me a little more time to paint. There will be several more posts soon to show just what. This is is my latest little creation. It's called "A Happy Evening with Birthday Cake." In last months issue of Domino they advertised a Corelle plate design contest. If you look here you can see all the rules and view some samples of their current dishware. You've all seen it, by the piece at Wal-mart. You know the stuff...not glass...not plastic... not really sure what it is! Well, one of the criteria was to make the design to embody the Corelle "style". Have you looked lately at their dishes? Okay, some are fabulous, others I question. One thing I did notice is that there is always a ton of white plate showing. I guess so you see what you are eating? Here is my design for this contest: It's a birthday plate. Maybe not what you'd want to eat on everyday, but fun enough for those happy birthday's! Besides, I don't think they have a birthday plate on the racks. Maybe, just maybe, they'll think it's cute and cool and pick it as the winner! I so want to be flown to LA for the Domino party!

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Lori Craig said...

Oh - good luck! This is darling! I see wonderful potential for birthday gifts with this plate, especially if you can buy it in a single.

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