New Mini Paintings

"Mason Jar Friends" I just love Creative Thursday's little mini paintings, I even bought one recently! It makes me so happy seeing Teddy sitting on the flat file to my right. So I thought I'd give these little guys a whirl. First, let me say, that they take longer than one might think, even though the one above is only 3 1/2" x 8" and below is 3 1/2 x 3 3/4". You probably thought at first glance that I just whipped it out. In fact, the smaller one I had to keep re-painting the composition to get it just right. And I am also thinking my favorite green brush is going to have to be replaced with a much smaller green brush! I had Lowe's cut me a dozen though, so I have plenty to practice! These are off to Naked Art Gallery next week. Vero said it's time to send more her way!
"3 Friends in Bottles"
Most of the time my "Friends" aka flowers are in the ground, with my favorite outside colors. It was time to bring the flowers inside and give you a slice of newness in my art. New color palettes are always an adventure for me. I get in such a routine or shall I say, I get "comfortable" with my color palette. Recently someone asked me if blue was my favorite color. Actually it's orange! Be on the look out for 10 more mini's soon!

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