Happy Mail Day!

A normal mail day has the following in our #64 green box covered in lantana:
1. junk mail- which gets tossed out immediately
2. bills that get paid....eventually
3. Envelopes addressed to the "The Honorable William Horne"- I just have to giggle a bit as I write that. My husband's title that will go with him forever. He's a State Representative by the way. Pretty cool job, that gets TONS of mail.

Then yesterday, I pulled out the stack, placed it on the corner of the counter as usual, right by the trash. I chunk the junk, make Billy's pile and then I see it. And I start jumping up and down. And Lily is jumping too. This is the happy mail: Why you say? Well, because in April I submitted a little 3-D Mattie dressed in her costume for the gallery section of this awesome publication. And she got accepted! The editor e-mailed me that I'd be receiving my copy prior to the stores, so I knew it was coming soon. But still, it was a happy moment.
She looks so cute in her witch costume with vintage paper hat and handmade broom. So, my first publication, pretty exciting day in the life of my artyness. It's hard to read, but basically I tell why I made her and then give step by step instructions on how to make her. It also lists my website, blog and e-mail. This is an annual publication for Somerset. If you are looking for a copy, check the big box book stores. It's got great ideas for all the seasons! And Mattie!

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Lori Craig said...

Hey! Congratulations!! Who do you work with at Somerset? Christin is the editor for the stamping publications - they are sweet, sweet girls. I got to meet a few of them at CHA in February.

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