Oh Little Sweetie Pie!

This is Sweetie Pie hanging out in some lovely cherry blossoms. My daughter Mailey has been giving all my birds names lately, and this yellow cutie is now Sweetie Pie. I love the innocence of my paintings, and having my 6 year old help with naming the birds just makes them all the happier to paint for me! I found these fabulous super deep canvases at Sam Flaxx last Atlanta trip. I just had to try one out. The only problem I found for the first painting was what to do with those sides? They really become a part of the image when viewing form the side.
So I bees waxed and collaged the sides, added more paint and oil sticks. I really like the depth these canvases create on the wall. This painting is a lovely combination of sewing pattern, acrylic paints, oil sticks, beeswax and charcoal pencil. This painting is now available at The Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham.

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