The Truth of the Matter

This is Mailey and I being silly wearing our book lights. Yes, I wear it on my head....I hate the book clip ons! Being silly with my children is something I plan to do more of these days. Read on.......

I guess you'd pretty much be living under a rock to not be aware of what was going on around us these days in the states. Although I never watch or listen to the news, I prefer my little bubble of naiveness, I can see the struggle as I pass gas station after gas station with no gasoline and notice the quite empty parking lot at the local mall. People are scared, and well we should be. We've lived well above our means for years now as a nation. I know our family has spent more money on useless "things" over the past few years. And what I really wish I had back was not necessarily the money, but some of that time I spent shopping. I'd have used that time in the backyard more, games with the kids, cooked more meals, etc. So maybe all this chaos will bring about an awareness that staying at home is not so bad, and that less is more.

Which brings me to the real point of this soapbox blog. This weekend is the Norcross Art Festival. An annual event that is usually visited by thousands. I have a really icky feeling in my belly that this may not be the case this year. And I am going to have to face up to the fact that this first event may not be my best. I have to not be discouraged, and keep my head high. I have worked for 2 months now getting everything ready. And it is-packed, labeled, inventoried. Ready to find a loving home. If you are lucky enough to fill your tank with gas, and can find your way to Norcross, Georgia please stop by and say hello. It'll make my day so much brighter! But for now, I think I'll do some playing in the backyard with my children. It costs nothing, but is quite priceless, don't you think?
End note: It's 9PM- Afterschool we went to get ice cream, then William went to Noah's while Mailey and I swang. We did her homework in the playhouse and ate pizza (that I made, not ordered) there too. Except Papa bear, he was too big (seriously, I think the floor would've caved in, we've got to get the sinking floor raised soon!) Mailey then put on a lovely cheer/gymnastics show. More homework followed the show and before you knew it, the babies were ready for bed. Amazing what no TV and tons of fresh air can do for a family. Now I can tackle a new painting before the wee hours like usual!

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