Greenery With Style

I love fresh greenery at Christmas. The smell.....ummmm.....Since we use a fake tree these days, using some live greenery around the house always brings me back to the real smell of Christmas. You know what I mean? What does Christmas smell like to you? If I could bottle it up, it'd be the tree smell. Yep. And right now, my car smells like that. Ahhhh....
So here are my cone baskets all decked out for the holidays. Perfect for door decorations, door knobs, or fence posts like I have here. They are sure to make the recipient smile. Each one is unique with embellishments and is brimming with tree clippings from a local tree farm and my first Christmas tree with Billy. You see, the first tree we had was real and in a pot standing about 5' tall. After the New Year we planted it. 13 years later it is ginormous! Seriously, ginormous (Mailey's favorite word to use). We've had to stake it to the ground to keep it from falling over. So hopefully a little bit of this tree from our loving home will bring you luck during the coming year.
Be sure to stop by and say "Hello" if you make it to Braelinn or Serenbe this weekend! I'm packed and ready to go right now!

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