I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...hahaha

Down here in Georgia, for some reason snow never falls in the actual winter months. It is more likely to come in March, if at all. So dreaming I am of a white Christmas. This is "Winter Bird" on the barren branch with tiny sprigs of life still hanging on. The painting is so much prettier in person...the textures...the paper...anyways, thought I'd share a new one with you.
I may be away from posting a bit over the next week. My little ones are having parties and getting out of school on Thursday! Whew, this year has flown! And I have some important pieces and parts to put together prior to their dismal from school. (catch my drift?) With that being said, I hope you have a creative and productive week. I'll be back next week with hopefully some fun news of new retail outlets and some new work! I'm itching to paint on this pile of 10 canvases I bought recently.

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tangled sky studio said...

great to see you at papernstitch! this little bird sweet...i love the texture. i've been busy al week with "preparations" before school gets ou too but today is my morning in the studio...iff to work!

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