Chalkboard Messages

I guess about 6 years ago my neighbor gave me this awesome chalkboard. She said it had been given to her when her children were small and since they no longer used it, thought I might want it for my children. I had it at the house, then in the studio and now it's back in the house on the wall behind the front door. It cracks me up the things that appear on it. Like below, a little Mailey portrait. I love the blue eyes and super lengthy eyelashes. And of course large bows on the shoes.Sweet message below... although I have a feeling right this second they are erasing it and putting up a new message with less enthusiasm for me. It's day 2 of winter break and they are already bored and fussing with one another. urghhhhh...
My favorite I've found yet was this one. "School is boring". I was such a daydreamer, that my days were not boring in school because they were full of excitement in my head!
I hope to get something creative done this week. It may be just a week of being Mommy though. That's not too bad, I kind of like my job. Off to play horse with William. I kick his cute hiney every time at this old fashioned game. He doesn't think Mommy is very athletic. What he doesn't know is that I played basketball from about age 5-16. Game on boy!


Lynn Guinn said...

School is boring!
Love it.
Hi! I’m Lynn and I have been enjoying your blog for several months. I just discovered The Artful Blogger and began setting up my blog.
I have finally gotten the nerve to be known to other than my family.
I hope to hear from you soon.
I don't sell. I JUST MAKE!

Pawpaw Adkins said...

Wow! I love the vintage airstream. But then you knew I would. I am proud--so very proud--of my artist daughter. Thanks for your talent being shared with the world.

Love you


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