Little Dreams

Tiny birds on branches of trees they whispered words to me
Silently a breeze in the blue shifted their shadows and my golden hair
If I were a bird I would sail into the sky with the breeze
Eyes shut tight, spring ringing through from tree to tree
My thoughts set free for little dreams
I've always loved writing. I have poetry from the old days tucked away that I've NEVER let anyone read. Mostly I wrote about love and the anguish of lost loves. You know, typical teenagey drama. Some days I feel the need to express more in my art through adding words. I have a technique that I think is unique. So here it is.

First I create the painting. Once the painting is complete, I select an old book and start cruising the words for sentence fragments or words that literally speak to me. I cut the words out and continue to cut until I have a fluid verse of sorts. I am not a poetry expert by any means, but I do like to put words together and create little stories. I really like this piece, and it all started with finding the words "little dreams". I have lots of little dreams these days, and some are coming true. I believe that life is stream of events that people, things, and places can alter along the way but only if you allow them to. Things do not happen by chance, but rather are placed in your path to encounter. How you approach the oncoming obstacles is what defines your fate.

I was in a bookstore today and found that Somerset Studio now has a publication out called Art Journaling. I haven't studied the pages well yet, but I glanced enough to know that other artists enjoy placing words with their art as well. If you have a chance, cruise through this beautiful publication to become more inspired on how to use journaling to enhance your work. I find it refreshing to get these words onto the canvas. So might you.


southernjoy said...

I love the addition of words!

The way you find little segments reminds me of the children's book, "Max's Words." Have you ever read it?

Jenni Horne said...

I have not read that. I'll have to look it up. Thanks so much.

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