The Bits and Pieces

Maybe it was waking up each morning and seeing this outside of my window, 12 stories up and wide open.
 Maybe it was being with this man for seamless days and nights.
 There was something about this city made my heart very, very full.
 I'm pretty sure I left a part of it behind.
 While overlooking a water that took my breath away with it's natural wonder and crisp sky that made my head clearer in thought than it's seen in months.
 There's something mysterious that happens to me when I travel.  I loose bits and pieces of myself wherever I go.   But I also find that I put back a few that I'd lost along the way.   I thought about that a lot while in the city of extraordinary hills and impeccable cuisine.  Why is it that being away from the normal me I actually find me again?  Sometimes it's at the end of a long mysterious hall.
 Sometimes it's in a tiny detail I've been overlooking. 
 And since I firmly believe that all things happen for a specific reason and in their particular time, that there are no U-turns, no regrets and no time for looking back.....
 I think the city with bridges that look just like diamond strands at night brought me back to a nice little spot right here at 120.
 I was reminded to be extremely grateful for what I have...what I can be....and what a strong person I am becoming.  Yes, it's truly amazing what leaving behind can free up for potential to grow.
And I owe a small part of this to here.  Thank you San Francisco.  For taking what you needed, and leaving me the rest. 

Dear Friends,
Posting about this trip was something I thought a lot about.  I wanted to show off what we did and where we'd been.  Because we had a fabulous time, really.  But here in this blog.....well my desire is to reveal more of me as a whole creative person.  After I wrote this, there were tears. The words and images were effortless and so fluid.  And that is the kind of post I know in my heart I am really supposed to be sharing.  Not the "look what I did and you didn't" post.  But rather the truth.   So I challenge you this week to do the same.  Write a post not about what you made or where you went....but about how being where you went or how what you made made you feel.....reveal a new layer of yourself on your blog.  We all know you can create...and you can go places.  But very few of us truly embrace the wholeness of living a creative life.  As a creative person you have such an authentic voice that people want to hear....want to be drawn into.  If you only share the parfait in a milk glass bowl no one will ever see the beauty and flavors that lie within.  

Oh, and please leave your post link in my comment section...so we can all join in the treat, in your clear bowl.

Puffy hearts,


Anonymous said...

While I love reading all your posts, this has to be one of your best posts ever! Thank you, I see you~


xo R

Isabel said...

A beautiful post:O) Thanks for sharing:O)

Ashley Boccuti said...

I loved this post, Jenni!


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