Little Birdie on My I-Phone Told Me....

Oh geeeeshhhhhh!!!!  I am freaking out over these new I-phone cases!!  It's funny, I've had the darn blanks for months and just never got around to making but one for me, one for William and one for Disney fairy Rene.  I am super glad I waited however, because my newest encaustic work looks amazing on these cases!!  Like whoa...is that my artwork?  So this little birdie has 5 friends.  And they are $20.  Slap yo Momma yeah!  $20!  We can't even eat at Chick-fil-a for $20! 

This is about the only new stuff tagging along with me this weekend for the Dunwoody Art Show.  BUT, I do have a slew of birds, bikes, nests, campers, houses and more PAINTINGS on SALE at the show this weekend in Dunwoody!!  Like I am pulling art off the walls in my house, in my husband's Capitol Office...it's clean out time!  Come on out and see me at this awesome Splash Festival Sponsored event.   We'll be set up at 10am on Saturday and Sunday by 11am.  It's going to be a wonderful weekend to bring the family out!  Hope to see you there!!!

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dmasse said...

My name is Don Masse and I teach elementary school art at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy in San Diego.

I recently found your work via pinterest and thought your bird cage paintings would be a great project to do with a grade level at my school.

I just wrote a post about your work and the kids' interpretations. Please check it out if you have a minute. The kids love to hear back from our focus artists so if you have any words of encouragement for them please feel free to post to the blog and/or send me an email:)

Thanks for the inspiration!

shine brite.



I tried to send this via email but it came back undeliverable. My email is dmasse@sandi.net

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