A Really Fun Post....Really

Hey peeps!!  Well, it's Sunday night 7:13PM.  Mother's Day actually.  And this is a really fun post.  Really.  I can laugh about it.  So you can.  Especially since my typing seems to be having fun and all my letters are dancing with one another.  Yeah.  My computer better not be having issues is all I am saying.  It will just be icing on a cake of a day. 

So this is my scene right this second.  Of course you gotta picture my peppy self in the chair.  Drinking from dear Xavier the bottle of very expensive wine my hubby gave me this am (I usually buy cheap stuff, this is a treat)  Love that man.  Good gravy look at that wine glass!  One can not HELP but be in a silly fabulous mood looking at it!!

So let's take this back a few hours.  This is me driving, yesterday at the weeeeee hours of the am.  Very, very excited about the Dunwoody show.  No, really.  I was excited.  It's my semi-retirement partay day.  Remember?  Ok.. It may not have been very smart to be photo journaling...but hey.  It's Sunday.  So I obviously made it.  Right?  And it was wayyyyyy early in the am.  On my way to set up for an amazing art show.
All was good.  We set up.  We were all stoked about the set-up.  Yep.  And then it started RAINING.  Bummer.  And then it stopped.  YEAH!  And it didn't rain ALL DAY!!!  Woooohooooo!!!!!  But I forgot my camera.  Never do that...like ever.  So this is all I got peeps.  Sorry.
I-Phone cases were a hit.  I have to make more, yep.  So may be an extra week before they make it to the etsy shop.  Sorry guys that live in far away places.  Of course...there were some that flew to see me.  Good gravy again....I am a lucky gal to have such amazing friends.  (wink..wink....Cara and Rene)
I love all of you who came out yesterday.  Like not want to marry you or anything freaky like that....but LOVE you for coming.  Supporting me.  And buying all my paintings.  Like 20 of them.  No really Francis the guru show director of all times,  20 original paintings.  Like holy crapper I sold 20 paintings yesterday.  Plus all the other stuff I had to sell.  LIKE OH YEAH I ROCK~!!  Day.  yeah.  yeah.  That is not normal.  But I like it.  And really, really, really want to thank you for coming out and supporting my artsy self.  Really.  Like somebody better get me off this high white horse soon. 
Well......white horse riding came to a rather abrupt halt due to nature on Sunday.  Mother's Day.  I had a lovely morning with the kids and Billy.  They gave me an orange purse...that I'd fallen in love with earlier in the week at TJ Maxx while shopping for my Momma.   I swear,  he had NO idea, really....Billy got it for me for Mother's Day!! And the bottle of above said wine.  :)  Awww....I know.  It's that branch thing.

I hopped in my car at 10:00am and this was the scenery for today's trip.  Again, yes...I am here to share it.  No comments from the peanut gallery.  This is what one would call crappy weather period.  Art show or not.  It is not good.  Right?
Luckily I had packed up all the left over paintings, jewelry and other goodies into my van the night before.  I'd just left the tent and grids.  Whew.  Because this is what was running free in my tent:

I am literally ankle deep in water above.  Ekkkkk......!!!!!!  And it's running through my white tent.  I just laugh and tell everyone who will listen "ahoy matey!!!!".  I may or may not have even offered to host a dance party.    What else can I do?  Below is my artsy peep Natalie from Newnan.  We happened to be neighbors at this show.  Which was such a sweet thing.
 So.....what did I do???  After getting more coffee I started to unload my van and set up.  Why not, right?  And then it started to rain.  And I said to myself...."why am I doing this?????"  So, instead of setting up I took it all down....packed up orange van....and headed HOME.  I got home to a very quiet house.  You see, the family had their plans with Gammy/Billy's Mom.  So still raining, I literally just ran into the house, rented "the Vow" and laid on the couch with my Lily.  It was a lovely way to spend the Sunday.  My family yes eventually made it home and now we are chilling together.  I better get back really.  So....bonus for the weekend?  Look at my super cool feet tan:
I mean, you can not buy that sort of coolness.  It may just be the new trend.  So anyways,  I am rested, belly full to the brim from left-over Maggiano's and ready to finish my last 2 weeks of school.  And beyond puffy hearted from a weekend that literally could not have been more magical.  For a last show for a while...you all made it that way.  Thanks.  Really. 

Good grief....it's still raining.  I love this porch during the rain.  But thinking it's time to head on in.  See you later in the week.   :)

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4heidi said...

I came so close to driving over yesterday. I feel like I've missed something by not venturing out of B'ham to see your work . . . that will change in a few weeks.

Congrats on the great sales. Hoping you'll have some of the groovy cases in June. So proud of you for following that puffy heart of yours to create wonderful art.

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