Dunwoody Art Festival

Today and tomorrow I'll be hanging out in Dunwoody at the Dunwoody Art Festival.  I'm so looking forward to this.  I kinda miss my shows.  It's been wierd this spring having nothing.  Anyhoo...I actually packed last weekend since I knew this week would be hectic.  I've got all the left over 52 canvses (I think 20), plus art I pulled from Billy Goats and Wild Oats plus all my new work.  The tent is going to be exploding with vibrant colors and happy art!  Woohoooo!!!  The photo below is from the show last year.  Not my best set-up honesly, but that's because it was horrible weather.  I am one of those who likes to set up stuff outside my tent to capture my audience.  Last year it had to all be under cover.  And from what I am hearing on the news.....well.....please say rain prayers that it will skip us!!!Whaaaa.....I don't like iong shows in the rain.
This is my buddy Natalie and I at the show last year.  I literally had 6 inchs of water running through my tent.  Oh I hope not this year!!  The show hours are 10-6 on Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday.  Stop by and say howdy if you are in the area!!


Beth said...

Good luck today and tomorrow! Hopefully the weather will hold out for you and all of the other artists! Wish I were there.

Carswell King said...

Now that's commitment! Good luck on your show this year.

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