Rockin' The Bike Life

This new series of bike paintings brings a smile to my face.  The way the paint layered on the above painting is just sherbety dreamy, right?  It's a new style I've been messing with where the base is layered with one color paint then after that dries I use a stiff big brush and dry paint on top a lighter color. Of course always starting with a black wood canvas.  This technique allows the under colors to illuminate.  I'm always willing to experiment on the canvas...it just helps my vocabulary to grow! 

Been a busy bee this week.....mostly working with kiddos on end of year projects at school.  We had Field Day yesterday ALL day, Mailey's gymnastics recital last night, doughnuts with Dad this am, last week of middle school football tryouts, William's school awards and more!  But I've also spent a good deal of time working on the eyesore below (I really can't believe I am showing you this, but...)

I love to work in the yard.  Right now it helps me escape the constant pain.  I love the feel of sore muscles from good yard work.  Wait until you see the area above now.  After 5 hours plus whatever I get in tonight it will be a lovely sight compared to the above.  It's going be so nice to look out my studio windows and see the new plants versus the gravel graveyard.  (all those bottom windows are my studio...yep...lucky chick).  But in all seriousness, who makes a pebble garden?  I attempted to rake it up and gave up.  I imagine digging the holes will be a bit of a challenge, but I am looking forward to it!  Hopefully I'll get them into the ground before tomorrow.  It's supposed to rain.  Of course.  It's rained every weekend for weeks now.  boo.

So that's what I've been up to this week.  No art making.  In fact my studio is full of show stuff I am totally avoiding.  I have to be in the mood to put it all away, and that mood hasn't struck yet.  haha....Right now it feels good to nest on our house.  I can't wait to show the final project.  I've a tight budget, so some may have to wait.  But anything I do at this point will be better than the above!

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