Last Week of School

Well, not to sound too much like a cliche, but dang this year has flown by.  Since not feeling myself since February I realize that the year not only flew by but most of it is a blur to me.  A blur of appointments, trying a new lifestyle and more.  Wow.  I'm not sure I'd say I have any regrets, but I will say there is a period of time where I don't remember much of anything but my trying to feel better.  Which I don't (let's just say Saturday night I was the closest ever to calling 911.  thank goodness for left over pain pills.  just sayin').  So this week is a true blessing.  It's the last week of school.  Starting next week I am off for a spell.  And I can not wait!
This week Monday and Tuesday we are working in centers.  These centers include:  marble painting (which kids have never done), making homemade silly putty (this project may or may not be a payback for all the times teachers were late picking up their kids from my room), free draw and the above painting.  It's a super secret surprise painting for our principal who is retiring.  It's turning out beautiful BTW!

I'm also working on all the samples for Summer Art Camp.  Be sure to check out the paint something workshop tab at the top of the page for details on all the summer happenings.  The summer has just enough classes to keep me busy but not enough to knock me over.  hehe..The 4 day camp here at school is almost full, so if you are thinking about this camp you nee to email me asap.  (jennihorne@ymail.com)  My first Tween Camp on June 4th only has 2 slots.  Plenty of room in adult classes though!  So sign up now!

Hope you have a lovely week.  It's Mailey's last week of elementary school.  I'm going to try and savor everyday.  So I'll be missing from here until next week.  Later guys!


Isabel said...

Enjoy every minute:O) I am so sorry you are still feeling sick sending you good healthy vibes and hugs!!!

Beth said...

Oh, I know exactly how you are feeling about it being the last week of school! I remember that feeling well! Enjoy your summer!
Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I also know how it is to not feel well for a long time. Get well soon!

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