Art and Soul Virgina Beach

Art and Soul Virginia Beach.  Where to start really?  Well heck, I'll just start from the begining ok?  Like I said in a previous post I'd never been on this long of a road trip.  I wasn't nervous or anything like that, just stating a fact.  I worked all day Wednesday, took Mailey afterschool to an appointment in Marietta, ran home, packed the car and was to Tiffin's by 6:30 Wednesday night.  We hopped in the orange van and away we went!  Our goal was to make it half-way....and we did it.  It was like we blinked and 5 hours had passed.  I like that kind of road trip.

Thursday morning our goal was to be on the road by 8:00am.  We'd mapped out a few cities we thought might be good thrifting spots with our end goal being in VA Beach by 4ish.  Of course we threw in a few side trips along the way like for the impromtu photo shoot below:

Tiffin wanted a new pic for her blog and website in a field of wild flowers.  Well, we found the perfect patch of orange poppies!!  We took a ton with our SLR camera's, but this one with my iphone I love.  All natural, no editing.  I embrace my wrinkles and freckles.

As for the thrifting stops....well.....let's just say the 2 hour excursion was fun, but not what we expected at all.  Folks in North Carolina we decided don't have good junk.  And the stores all looked a lot like this:

We got to VA Beach right at 4:00.  Just enough time to get situated, eat the best Mexican I've ever put in my mouth and get Tiffin to class.  I took some quiet time on the beach and a 4 mile run on the road.  After driving 10 hours in less than 24 hours I needed to sprint.  Each room is set up as a suite so in packing I'd decided to pack some extra blank canvases, I knew there'd be room for a make shift studio.  So glad I did because throughout the weekend I was able to get 3 new pieces done!  With a side beach view at that!

Friday we both took classes all day.  I took Jesse Reno's Follow the Leader class during the day.  It was a perfect escape from my usual painting style for sure.  He was so articulate...I was mesmerized about how he talked about his art and the purpose and intent within his chaotic work.  It was amazing.
I loved lunchtime at the beach.  We'd pack a big bag of yummy food and just sit.  Then treasure hunt.  It was crazy cold, no shorts and definately no bathing suits on my body.  But it was nice and quiet and calming. 

These are the 2 paintings I finished in his class.  No one's looked anything like mine, even though he gave us all the same directions.  Of course I had to interject Jenni into them.  Mailey wants to frame and hang them in her room.  Thumbs up from her for sure!

Friday night between classes we hopped in the orange van with our new friend Kim and hit the boardwalk for dinner.  We ate a seriously amazing seafood dinner.  Serious....I want it again soon.  Then back to class we ran.  This time a polymer clay pendant making class with Doreen Kassel.  Tiny clay pendants are not as easy to make as one would think.  Yeah.  These are now priceless one of a kind creations.  Don't ask me to make you one.
Saturday was a day of rest.  We slept late, took a run, ate yummy seafood at Bubba's, then hit the beach for more relaxing and treasure hunting.  In all my 41 years of life I have never found one of these:

Saturday night was vendor night.  I forgot to take any photos.  Darn it!  It was fun....but not so profitable.  Kinda a bummer.   Oh, well....at least I've got a leg up for Dunwoody next weekend!  After vendor night a few of us hit Hot Tuna for a late dinner (like 11PM late).  I met Stephanie Rubiano a few years back at Art and Soul Las Vegas.  Valerie took a fun class with her back then.  Funny, this time Tiffin took a class with her!  Small world.  We hit it off great and really enjoyed our late night dinner and conversaton about being artists.  It's nice when you meet people on the same path as you and get it.  (we all have lovely demon eyes right?...dang flash)

Sunday we were up early because that was my teaching day!!  I had the best group of women folk take my class.  They were so enthusiastic and kind.   We all walked over to the mexican again for lunch even....like I said a total bonding awesome class.   I have photos on my SLR....but haven't loaded them yet and am doing this at lunch at school.  I'll post their art later.  It was good.  So good.  I love my job.  We hit the road at 4:30 and set our sites on getting as far as possible.  Saying good-bye to this beautiful stretch of quiet beach.
We made pretty good time to the half-way point.  I'd have gone farther but it was pouring down rain and of course my check engine light came on.  Plus by this point I kinda felt like I had the flu. I call it the "art retreat flu".  So I called Julie at school and told her to get me a substitute for Monday.  There was no way we were making it all the way back afterall. 

We were up by 6:00am and on the road home.  We flew home, I dropped off Tiffin and went straight to the car repair shop.  That darn light just wouldn't turn off!  Luckily it was an easy peasy fix.  Whew.  I've yet to unpack my studio supplies and have gone to bed the past 3 nights by 8PM.  Seriously.  I am exhausted.  It's all I can muster to teach all day and do Mom duty afterschool.  I hope to be myself by the weekend.  Because next weekend is a huge show! 

Anyhoo....another art retreat under the belt.  It was a wonderful experience as both a student and a teacher.  I can't wait to write up my classes for next year.  I am super blessed to have the gift of teaching and sharing my love for painting.  Will Tiffin join me again?  Well, we are closer friends than ever I'd say.  I suppose when you spend 20 hours in a van with someone you either never want to see the person again or you walk away feeling refreshed and very thankful for valuable friendships!  I'd say we are golden at this point.  hehe..Oh and she has the same pee every chance she can get symdrome I have...so I'd say we were meant to be travel partners.  (some of you get the inside joke of this better than others.  my camel friend. teeheehee)

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Yes I get it! Glad you had a great time.. xoxo Camel

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