A Weekend Off

This past weekend was our fall break from school.  Yep...we get a lot of nice breaks in our school system, which I love.  And Oh boy did I need the break!!  I tried to get the family to go away...but alas everyone just wanted to hang out at home.  Friday the kids and I slept in late and went shopping.  We all love to shop a bit too much, but it is fun with my two kiddos!  Saturday Billy and William went to the Auburn game with friends while Mailey and I went to Six Flags with friends.  I must say in my younger years coming to Six Flags from Birmingham was a huge treat.  In my young adulthood we brought the church youth here and I still enjoyed it.  But the older I've gotten the more fearful of these insane contraptions I've become.  And honestly icky feeling after every ride.
But I did it.  Every single coaster we could get on.  Now I drew the line at the swings that soared some 50 stories high.  Yeah.  The line has to go somewhere!  My favorite was the Superman.  You actually ride the entire ride on your belly!  I am so glad we went and that we had such an amazing Mother/Daughter day.  Oh and the above photo is the Batman.  Mailey and the rest of the gang wanted to ride in the front seat.  I didn't care where I sat I just wanted to get it over with.  It was fun watching them on it! 
Other than the coaster riding and football game we literally hung out at home.  Monday I'm not sure I ever got out of my exercise clothes.  I worked on my booth set-up for Marist and a few lovely paintings.  I love getting ready for a show.  So much anticipation and joy goes into preparing for each show.  Now that I'm only participating in about 3 a year I tend to be more particular about the set-ups.  I am most excited about the drop cloth walls I've created to eliminate see through to the other booths.  One problem with inside shows is creating a sense of magical space that is yours.  Since my grids for art are see through I am sure the neighbors are going to appreciate my walls as well!
I'm also trying to find unique ways to display all the new jewelry pieces I've created.  I didn't realize until I was attempting to display it all how much I had!!  New for this show are:  art image bracelets, art image pendants in 1" and 30mm, encaustic pendants, and gentle reminder bracelets.  Now I just have to price and pack.  Oh, and keep painting!

So the show is Saturday, October 26th from 9-4 at the Marist School.  Here's the link:  Marist Holiday Traditions  I hope to see you there!!  It's a super fun art show.

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Mechelle said...

I am getting for a few shows next month. I am trying to figure out how to change my set up.

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