Artsy Bracelets

For the upcoming shows I'm participating in I made some cool choices for lower priced items in my booth.  It's always a struggle for me to shift modes and create these type of items.  Not too many people buy paintings at the holidays.  I've never had luck with selling prints.  Buyers these days are looking for unique gifty items.  In-particular, gifts that are $30 and under AND unique.  A combination that as an artist is sometimes hard to full-fill and still be able to make a profit.   

Marist Holiday Traditions is first up and I can not wait!  These bracelets priced at $30 each, I hope will fly off my displays!  I also have necklaces with the same type images on really nice chains and key chains.  All of which will make a lovely display and all compliment the selection of original works of art I'll have for sale at the shows.  Of course, I've got to paint some to sell at this point.  haha..been working so much in the studio on the weekends making these baubles that the painting pile is not so tall.  But I've been sketching in my free time and the ideas are there.  I just have to carve out new time for painting.  Looking forward to it.

Oh...and the Marist Holiday Traditions show is Saturday, October 26th.  At the Marist School in Atlanta.  It's a great show you'll want to attend.  Hope you mark your calendars for it!!


505whimsygirl said...

Nice bracelets! Hmmm, my aunt lives in Atlanta and she loves going to craft shows. I must let her know!

Good luck!!!


Gigi said...

Hi Jenni! I hope you are doing well. My art has really taken off recently and I am on Cloud Nine!! I am now selling retail in two cities and it is just the most amazing feeling!! I loved the article in Mingle. Congratulations!!! I was tickled pink to see my picture. Love, love, love you bracelets!!!! Hope to see you in January again. love, Gretchen

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