Orange You Glad You're Here?

Hehehehe...I know.  Such a cheesy joke.  I'm glad you're here.  It's Thursday.  Yoohooo!  That means fun art days.  Centers days.  It makes the days FLY by.

I'm gearing up for a huge run this weekend.  Packing in the carbs today and tomorrow.  When this run is over I'll kinda be happy not to have to eat so freaking much.  I know that sounds nuts, but the carb loading on Thursday and Friday is overwhelming.  It pays off on Saturday when I'm running for hours on end, but geesh.  Soon I think I'll post some of my marathon training tips.  I sure wish someone had a cute blog like this for me to follow along during the training.  I've read so much about training that my head is dizzy.  Ha.  Oh and BTW....it's a fact that people training for their first 26.2 mile run about 4 weeks out get what's known as marathonitis.  Where we talk about nothing but the training and the run.  Supposedly you get a little loco.  Perhaps even run a few friends away until after the run since you talk nothing but of the run.  Yeah.  My "itis" is starting a tad early.  Sorry.  I'll try to talk more about artsy stuff.  But I'm just so darn excited!!  I mean seriously.  I'm about to run 26.2 miles.  Holy mackerel.  I am insane.  Anyhoo....gotta go.  Get ready for color day in the centers.  Lots of painting today.  Life is good right?

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Jaime Barks said...

I can't wait for your running tips! I am going to start training for a full!?! I get totally wacky with training for a half and talk about it non-stop so I am sure I will be over the top with a full. Good luck this weekend :)

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