Artsy Bracelets

Sometimes a new product comes along that I fall in LovE with.  This go around it's these artsy bracelets.  At first I was not too thrilled with their look.  And the chains were freaky small.  So I emailed the seller and she sent me some photos of them all finished with the beads on each side.  And voila...the love affair began.  Now, they were extremely time consuming to finish.  But super worth it.  I've priced them at just $25 so thinking they'll fly off my PVC pipe display and onto lots of wrists this weekend.  (I know, my PVC pipe display idea is so awesome.  Even the Home Depot guy was giving me high fives.)

So are you coming to see me?  At The Marist School this weekend?  Oh I hope so!!  The show is 9-4PM.  I'm in the old LAIRD gym.  This is a new place for vendors because they tore down the gym I'm usually in.  There are 3 places for vendors so be sure to find me (the arcade outside, Laird Gym and Centennial Gym).  I'm on a corner.  Hope to see you!!

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