The Art of Receiving

I've been told I'm hard to buy for.  That seems silly to me.  I'm pretty vocal about my love of cookies.  Buy me cookies.  Lots of cookies.  Especially ones from Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Company.  Hint...hint....  Anyhoo, there are very few friends I exchange gifts with at the Holidays and at Birthdays.  Personally I enjoy finding just the right gift.  I've been known to buy a gift MONTHS ahead because when I find it I just know.
Tiffin of Linwood Avenue is one of those peeps I enjoy shopping for....and dang if she doesn't always hit the nail on the head for my receiving.  This week we met for dinner and gifts.  I opened first and dang nabit if I didn't CRY over this pink Jeep.  I decided at the Country Living Fair that I wanted to start collecting Jeep toys.  Our family has a deep love for Jeeps.  Deep.  And this one is about the cutest Jeep I have ever seen.  I think she cried a little too.  I giggle at that.  It's rare these days that you find a friend that knows you well enough to buy you a vintage toy Jeep on the Internet and cry with ya when you open it! 
I hope this holiday your giving and receiving is not only joyful and plentiful....but that it is meaningful.  I'll treasure my Jeep for years and always remember the friendship behind it.


linwood avenue said...

awe, thanks! i had a ton of fun shopping for it!

Christine said...

LOVE the pink Jeep!!!!

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