A Thanksgiving with Family

This is my sweet family.  Billy (hubby), William (13), Mailey (11), Lawrence the puppy and Lily.  Together we hosted Billy's entire family and my Dad and Barbara for a Thanksgiving meal that was unbelievably yummy.  A total of 14 people gathered in our home.  Now that we own a home big enough to have guests over, I love hosting large meals like this.  It's part of my love language I think.  It brings me so much joy to make our home into a gathering space for friends and family.  And since Billy and I both are rather organized, we are never frenzied prior to a large gathering.  Rather we plan and conquer tasks to make the day more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Of course, what fancy dinner is not complete without someone wearing a bow-tie in the south.  Right?  Lily had her pink sweater on but got too hot.  Lawrence sported his tie almost all day.  It fits his personality to a tee. 
The week off was soooooooo lovely.  I hosted 2 PSW workshops in the studio, Sunday and Monday.  The new studio set up is perfect.  I can't wait to photograph the studio and share it with you!  Tuesday I think we spent all day about like this:
Because of this:

That would be snow on the roof and ground.  In Georgia.  Funny right?

Wednesday Billy was off so we headed out and did our entire Christmas shopping for the extended family.  It was crazy fun and literally barely anyone was out and about.  It was weird.  Thursday....well Thanksgiving day we all laid around and visited the Waffle House for dinner.  I can't find my photo.  But really, we ate Thanksgiving Dinner there.  We were the only guests.  We all had hash-browns and waffles.  It was most yummy.  But wait, you ask??  Didn't I host dinner at my house?  Why yes, we did.  But we celebrated on FRIDAY.  I kinda liked it that was actually.  My brother-in-law is divorced and didn't get the kids this year on Thanksgiving day, thus why we moved our family gathering to Friday.  It worked out great actually!

So how did you spend your Holiday time?  I hope it was as lovely and relaxing as ours.  Family time is precious.  We are so thankful we were able to host so much of our family in our warm home on Friday.  And really look forward to celebrating the Christmas season together over the next month.

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