Raising Boys

I love these guys.  Really.  I do.  I can't believe we've let 7 years go by of playing baseball together.  That quickly.  I've been getting a little emotional about all that lately.  Time flying and stuff like that.  These boys are entering High School next year.  And I couldn't be more excited for them!  What an amazing 4 years they are about to embark upon.  And luckily for them, they all have parents and grandparents to love, nurture and support them the entire way through.  And luckily for me I have their Mommas to hold my hand, be my extra ears and hand me those tissues along the way.  Raising this boy has been....well much easier than raising the girl Horne.  Truth spoken.  And although he has  many flaws and imperfections, in my eye his gifts and talents outweigh these.  And as a mother if I continue to nurture and nourish these wonderful gifts surely he will grow into the man not only I desire him to be, but the one God intended him to be as well.

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