The Shirt

So yesterday one of my favorite little artsy students (she's a spitfire red-head to boot!) had on the above tee-shirt.  She's in the 2nd grade BTW.  I was kinda freaking out about it....asking her where she got and more important WHEN did she get it?  Saturday?  Oh yeah!  So of course after school I bee-lined it for Old Navy.  No lie.  This $8 baby came from Old Navy!  It'll probably be a bit tight after one wash.  So I am thinking about cutting the image area off and sewing it to my own tee.  And I'm also thinking about going back and buying another one to attach to a TOTE.  Is that a great idea or what? 

I kinda wish they'd make it in an adult size.  Why don't they think we adult size people wouldn't want this?  Instead they have junk like CALI, Fun in the sun, catching rays.  I often wonder why trends go the way they do. So Old Navy if you are listening, would you mind making this in a ladies cut?  Pretty please??

In other news....I've been studying hard for my Family and Consumer Science exam on Monday.  I'll then be dual certified in K-12 art education and Family and Consumer Science.  I'm wizzing through the nutrition, food lodging, family stuff, interior design, textiles and apparel sections.  The consumer management section is kicking my artsy brain though.  I can budget like no bodies business, but investments, stocks, bonds....what in the world?  I wish I WAS better in those sections.  We'd be richer for sure.  Anyhoo...I just keep studying my cards and taking practice tests.  And pray I PASS because there are openings in 2 high schools for the positions.  That'd be so cool.  Then I could teach high school kids how to take kid size tees and turn them into wearable and functioning art!  BAM!

So...you guys getting ready for Easter.  I can't wait to share what we are doing with friends this year.  Definitely Pinterest worthy!  haha

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