Vintage Trailer Show

This weekend I participated in a show sponsored by a local antique shop called Spoon Sisters.  I was shopping in their store one day when I saw the poster. I asked her about participating if you didn't have a trailer. She said sure come on! And for a $25 booth fee...I thought why NOT!
My booth is a little sparse on paintings because well....I have a special event coming up for those new paintings and just brought the older ones at deep discounts. I did bring all my new baubles and sold a ton of my sweet gentle reminder bracelets. People love a $20 item at a show.
Most of what was set up were vintage peeps. It was like a mini Country Living Fair. It was AWESOME!!!  Seriously. The day, although hotter than heck was super fun. I loved being amongst all the vintage people. I was one of 2 painters there. But the vintage treasures were plentiful!

There were about 12 campers set up. Most were selling wares out of them. And then sleeping in them at night. Love that. Mailey peeked in all of them with me. She's always talked about wishing we had one. This certainly made her more interested! She asked me after looking in the one above, "Mom, where do you go about buying one of these vintage campers?" I said, "You could find them on places like ebay and craigslist." I'll be darned if she didn't sit down in my tent, get on ebay and find the CUTEST Zipper camper for sale. And of all things its in Florence, ALABAMA. Where my parents are from! She has no idea that her Pawpaw and I are watching it carefully over the next 4 days. It's purdy cheap. But purdy sure it'll jump out of our range by day 5. But wouldn't that be a fun 13th birthday surprise???

My Mom helped me set up Friday night and came to hang all day Saturday. Since it was local it was an easy trip for her and helpful for me. Plus she loves antiques and such. I spent my childhood in auctions and antique shops. Then my Dad, who lives in Alabama, came over to surprise me and also hung out with me all day. Um....not sure when I've had both parents with me for more than 5 minutes in 10 years. I have to admit. It was nice.
Above are some of my new baubles. I found the shooting medals charms while at the mart with Valerie in January. And yes, it has taken me this long to figure out what to do with them! I love them though and will be putting them on Etsy. The cost to make them is too high to send to the gallery. The charms alone were $25. I know...what was I thinking.
This is my friend Suzi. We are baseball moms together. She's a dental hygienist by day and crafter extraordinaire by night. I am so excited and proud of her. This was her first show and she rocked it!! She likes to take old furniture and fix it all up. She sold and sold! Her hubby is gonna be super excited. hehehe....

So I'm off for day 2. Hoping to sell a few more things. And then come home and chill. I'll have to run my training run late tonight since it didn't happen yesterday. It's gonna be a very full day!! Come out and see us if you are near Tyrone, GA today. We shut down at 2PM.


Vicki@MorePowerfulBeyondMeasure said...

I fell in love with this show and hope they will continue it...hopefully when it will be cooler! Man, was it ever hot!! I want one of those campers too, and I'm searching for just the right one! I enjoyed your booth!

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