A Lovely Custom Painting

This weekend I set aside a little time for painting in the studio. My good friend Jill asked me to paint something for her front living area. I love painting custom paintings first of all, and second even more for someone I know I'll be able to see it hanging in the living area for years to come.
Since I am trying out the little paints I was able to finally use these wooden Coke crates my framer Phillip grabbed me. Although by the time I was finished painting for the day the paint was still all over my desk. Kind defeats the point of having them stored neatly, but I tried! I think Katie Daisy has her paints stored like this. I know I saw this idea on someone's art desk. :) I am liking the thinner paints so I can layer easier and not have such goopiness on the base layers. If you've taken a class from me you might be gasping or giggling at this sight.....I know. I am eating my words right now. Part of the beauty of being an artist is trying new supplies out. A few years back I fell in love with the Soy Paints in tubes like these. But the company didn't really develop the line and honestly I haven't seen any recently. But seeing all the yummy colors one day at Michael's
I thought, "What the heck...let me try these out."
This is my studio assistant Ellie. She loves the vintage pink couch for napping while I paint. Pretty much if I'm down here, so is she.

I delivered the painting last night. It fit perfectly in the space and complimented her other Jenni original. I need to go back and photo the room. It's a lovely space.  So...if you'd love a custom piece for your home feel free to email me! Have a lovely Tuesday friends.


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Love it!

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