And Just Like That We're Back

And just like that...our trip is over. Here are just a few of the photos I took...actually I didn't take that many. When you have older kids you learn to leave the camera behind and just enjoy the being together and the seeing and doing. Getting the photo moment becomes less important. Although I did insist on the above family photo. And had I thought about it I would have cut the lady on the right out. But I didn't. So you get us and random lady. HA.
On Saturday we did the total tourist thing. All. Day. Long. The kids were troopers as we drug them from one end of the city to the next. We started at the Ferry building market. Which is the most amazing experience. We ate our way through the market. It was awesome. Then for lunch Billy and I ate the best oysters of our life in Fisherman's Wharf. Although did you know they don't serve them with saltines? What? I asked the waiter for crackers and she literally brought me a tiny bag of "Oyster Crackers". We just giggled. But seriously the oysters were so amazing you didn't need a saltine under it. We kinda ate all day. Walked for miles and then crashed.
Of course I ran to the Ferry building everyday for this coffee. Best. Coffee. Ever. I mean really. The coffee shop was a mile from our hotel. But I remembered it from our last trip and literally dream of this drip coffee. It is perfect in every way. They also had the yummiest molasses/ginger bread I ate with the coffee. Everyday. (I may need to not weigh myself for a week or 2 after this trip and then Thanksgiving!!)
Sunday the kids and I rented a car. So of course I had to DRIVE down crooked street/Lombard. It was way cool. To me anyways.
 While we had the car we ventured to the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods and Sausalito.
Muir Woods was magical. And cold. We were so not dressed right. If properly dressed with a day pack I could have stayed all day hiking this magical forest. Across the bay the weather was perfect the entire trip. Mid-60's the whole time. Stepping into here it dropped about 10'. Plus I have such city kids. I've raised them this way, I take the blame for their inability to desire spending a day hiking and enjoying nature. Which kinda makes me sad. As a child/teen I'd have wanted to do this all day. My kids just wanted to shop in the city.
And shop we did. We loved being in the city at night. San Fransisco already had all their Christmas lights up. The city was already magical...but with a little twinkle it was even more magical!
Of course I ran...I mean that's a given. Billy went with me each day but he's not a good running partner. At all. Funny. Running in a new city is a fabulous way to see the city. Along the water was SO FLAT...I think my shoes grew wings. Because I was faster than eva!
 Monday the kids and I visited Alcatraz. I think they really enjoyed this day. The @large exhibit by ai weiwei was up so I really enjoyed this tour of Alcatraz. It was an amazing exhibit. You should look it up. I don't want to talk politics here, but his statements were quite thought provoking and made for a conversation with my children I'd never thought to have.

So this city trip overall was quite the adventure. We've not taken our kids on a trip like this since they were tiny and we visited Williamsburg. Our vacations are always centered around the beach...relaxing and more relaxing.With vacation days so limited we never think to take trips like this honestly. And although we only got Billy on Saturday we enjoyed the adventure away from home. The city is magical. The smells as William commented, are constantly changing. From very yummy to holy crap what is that smell? The food is completely divine. I am amazed at how fresh everything we consumed tasted, down to the strawberries. The people I found to be quite friendly and proud of their city. I loved sharing every bit of this experience with the kids. I am hoping they'll look back on this little adventure with fondness....

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