Etsy Shop Re-Opened

Recently I've listed a few new goals for my artsy business. Updating my etsy shop was totally at the top of the list. Folks it was bad how neglected this sweet little shop had been. Posted here is just a small sampling of the goodies in the shop. Beaded bracelets are the perfect stack-able arm candy this season. And yours having a little piece of art on it will make it even more a statement piece. Everyone will wanna know where you got it! And since they are all one-of-a-kind rest assured you will remain unique even after sharing the buying source. wink...wink... Which is right here.

The other items I've listed are prints. I have both 8x10 and 5x5 prints in the shop. Although the 5x5 prints have been mounted onto white 8x10 card stock for easy framing see:
All my prints have been printed on gorgeous satin paper. The colors are so yummy and well printed they look like the real McCoy!
So stop in and take a look. All these goodies would make perfect Christmas gifts for friends, family, teachers, pastors, or a little something to make your home special over the holidays! If you are interested in an original I'll be listing those next week. Be sure to follow instagram: artsyorange for updates. Later guys.


Rita Gibson said...

That is most welcome. Glad you're in the groove of things again. I mean, why miss out on where a lot of people are on these days, which is the advantages and perks of Etsy, or an online shop, for that matter. A brilliant shortcut like no other, and something that can really bring your product to your buyers as closely as possible. You should explore more venues and strategies like that. Good luck!\

Rita Gibson @ YEAH! Local

Clint Shaff said...

Thankfully, you had decided to re-open your Etsy store. Your products look gorgeous! They’re just blunt and raw and striking colors on satin. That’s pretty cool, and just in time for Christmas day as nice products. Sometimes, you only really need to build up on those basics to sustain a product line.

Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match

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