The Ultimate Field Trip

So the kids and I are on what we are calling "The Ultimate Field Trip" right now. You see, our school district in order to save money, decided to take away field trips several years ago. Not because families couldn't afford them. But because the system didn't want to have to pay for their part. And taking that aspect of planning away I guess meant the someone in charge of field trips could do a different job for the county. Stupid. I mean really. As a child I couldn't wait for field trip days. We went to the zoo, performing art center, puppet shows, etc.... Not that we don't indulge our kiddos in this type of activity on our own, but taking these trips with your school is a whole other ball of wax. I personally think field trips are a great way to learn life lessons and see the world through their own eyes. Parents tend to taint experiences with the constant photo taking and "look at this Johnny." (You know I am right.)

The kids and I are far...far....away. I have so many "field trips" planned I can hardly stand it. Pretty sure I've made Billy nuts with my "let's see this and let's see that". HA. But really, except for the beach we've not taken our kids anywhere. This is a whole different type of away from home experience for them. Thus why I've decided to dub it the Ultimate Field Trip. Oh, and Billy's here too. But he's working. Thus why the field trip is affordable. It's called stow-away in some circles. He doesn't seem to mind.

When we get back I am sure I'll have stories to tell. I'm renting a car and driving.....laugh those that know me. I'm not blonde anymore so hoping that helps. Plus I've got Mailey and William to help navigate.  See ya at the end of the week!!


Artsy Matilda said...

Enjoy! That is such an elevated field trip! You can't go wrong with anything you choose to do! Plus, Napa Valley isn't far away. :-)

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