Making Time to Paint

We are 2 weeks into the e-course and I can not even tell ya how thrilled I am with the work that the students are posting. Good grief I am one lucky girl to be a part of these aspiring artist's journey's. Everytime I offer the class I find myself more and more inspired to be a better teacher. What a gift I have been given to share what I know about painting. It is not lost on me that not everyone can teach. Each night I sit down with my laptop and cruise the flickr feed of their work and think "WOW....I have inspired this person to do that?" I mean seriously folks....it's humbling.

But then there's the trade off that because I have chosen the teaching path I am slowly chipping my personal studio time away to almost nothing. Like this afternoon I thought, ooo...I'll try and sneak some painting time in. I really have a big new idea I want to see come to life. But instead remembered the lengthy list of Hobby Lobby items I need to teach next weekend and that realistically it would be in my best interest to do that this afternoon. Next week at night before the retreat is going to be very busy with other details. (Like cooking for my family and 15 retreat attendees at the same time. Several board meetings because I've gone and gotten myself "involved". Long training runs. Baseball tryouts. Braces off for Will. And.....) So alas......I will set aside a little Sunday Studio time this weekend. Hopefully this Sunday it will involve less cleaning and more doing! As a teacher one thing I need to do is paint. How is one to inspire if not invested personally right? So wish me luck and happy painting. Hopefully next week I'll be able to blog about something that has to do with PAINT!

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