This Time Last Year

This time last year we had our first days out of school for snow. Actually the first time it was just ice. The next time was the above blanket of gorgeous snow. Yes, January was a bitter cold, icy and a snowy month for us southerners. And I loved it. I feel more alive and excited and energized by the cold weather. In fact, my running has a different cadence about it in the cold. I can literally run farther AND faster in weather below 40'.

During this time I also have a new urgency to paint.
I have a few new ideas swimming around in my head. This afternoon I intend to get some of them out. I can not wait and hopefully share with you the excitement on the canvas.

On another note, the Honorable and I have been married 19 years today!  WHAT? How in the world did 19 years go by? I'll be honest, it has not been an easy few years. And recently we had a heart to heart about our marriage and it's flaws. It was the hardest conversation of my life. I knew deep down that our love was better than the one that was on the surface. So we've scratched away at the surface and are going deep lately. Just ask our kids....we are totally grossing them out I think with our affections. hehehehe....But we can't help it! And we are talking and doing stuff together we've not done in ages. Reconnecting so to say. It's amazing what can come out of one conversation to make you wake up and realize you just might loose what you love the most.
This is us above in our most favorite place in the world to be together, the beach. We have big plans for a trip in early June. Just the 2 of us. Cheap hotel. Lots of ice cold beer. And lots of oysters. Today we will just be celebrating with a simple family dinner and cards. And reminisce about the night we said "I do."

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