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Every once in awhile I just have to paint for myself. Something new. Something a little outside of my comfort zone. The poppy field and the soft still life are examples of such. Two weeks ago during Sunday Studio I wanted to try to paint without the black background and try to work the negative space using white paint. I think I said that right.
 More than anything I was trying to be looser with my brush and softer with my palette. I really enjoyed the still life one. The poppy I had a hard time making my brain work on the positive space.
So Sunday Studio didn't happen this past week. We had our art retreat. Which was amazing.  And honestly once I got home, unpacked and sat down....my brain and body decided a nap was in order instead of any painting. Like drool on the orange velvet pillow sleep. Doggies snuggled up in every nook and cranny sleep. Man I love that kind of sleep on a cold Sunday afternoon. Now that Sunday Studio has become a bit of a tradition I hope to blog about it weekly. So you can see into the backbone of my creative journey. Making time to be creative weekly is a constant struggle. It's like I really want to go into my sunny yellow studio and make awesomeness.....but then life happens. I kinda like my life right now, so not complaining. But carving out time to be an artist is something I've decided has to be penciled in and I have to hold myself accountable for. Because making stuff like the paintings above is a pretty cool part of my life too.

Anyhoo....off to teach this morning Mandalas, snowflakes and mittens. Don't you wish you could be a fly on my art room wall? We have such a great time together everyday. Have a lovely Tuesday.

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