Coffee Shop Art

Here in Coweta County we have a wonderful Arts Association. It's been around for years, really, with a wide age range of members. I am one of the youngest I think. Every nine weeks we rotate an exhibit at Espresso Lane Coffee shop around the corner from my store. It's a great space, these brick walls are my favorite! And the coffee is oh so yummy! This past month I submitted "Dreaming of Antique Lace". It's one of the texture paintings I enjoy making. There's always a nice selection of art hung for these exhibits. The Association also hosts an Opening for each one, complete with refreshments and wine. It's fun to go and be with the men and women of the community that do art for hobby...and they still get just as excited as I do when they sell a painting! And just as humble when they win "Best in Show". Their art may be completely something I'd never want to paint, but it obviously brings them so much joy, and they are so proud of what they have created, that it just tickles me to death to be amongst them. They always have such kind words, and words wisdom as well!
Last month I submitted "Ocala Wheat at Night". It won the People's Choice Award which meant it got to stay another series, I didn't have to pay the $5 entry fee, and I received a $5 gift card to the coffee shop! Yipee!

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