Going Back to the Crayon Box

As I posted yesterday, I just finished up quite a collection of jewelry for the Naked Art Gallery. Whew.... Seriously I am thrilled with this new idea of making jewelry to sell and not just adorn my neck and ears. I will say however, that I feel I need reading glasses now from the countless hours spent threading those tiny pearls on wire! The time and energy spent was well worth it and hopefully the pieces will find loving jewelry boxes very soon. Anyhoo....my post today is about going back to the crayon box. Every one has one.....it's just that mine are these most fabulous collection of Sennelier oil pastels. Oh how I love these little guys and what they can do to paper! The upcoming show I am participating in is actually called "Microlove". Great idea. Everything is not necessarily lovey, but they are items you could buy for your sweetheart. And the micro part is that all the artwork had to be under 6". Yes, that's the size of a $1.00 bill. I found these great paper mache frames at Michael's in the scrapbooking section last week. The work on it's own would have been just okay. But with these fabulous frames it really makes the work special. I added little copper hooks and voila! Micro art ready to hang anywhere you please!

So I'm off to joint compound some freshly cut wood. What's the inspiration you ask? Well, this go around I have on my mind umbrellas, a pink bike, chairs and a special idea from William. I'll post work as I complete it, hopefully very soon!


Mamie said...

I love these micor artworks. Will they be for sale on you etsy site? I own several pieces you've created and love your work.

Jenni Horne said...

Thanks for the feedback! These will be available at the Naked Art Gallery. If you go to the website I have my own page where you can purchase work. Hopefully they'll be up soon!

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