Rainy Day Fun

It's a cold a rainy day here in Newnan today. How appropriate that I just finished up my new Rainy Day Fun painting. I saw some umbrellas in a children's book and thought, new inspiration! A little silly, I know, but once they are framed in white bead board, they'll be a great painting for a mudroom, laundry room, or heck, your family room! These umbrellas would surely make Mary Poppins tickled pink. Better than that old black one she floated around with anyways.

Well, I'm off to get more painted. I've not mentioned it because it's slipped up on me, but I have a show coming up very soon. It's the Trinity School in Atlanta's Spotlight On Art. I was thrilled to be invited since it's invitation only. They have 350 artists on the list this year, including some heavy hitters! I'll be taking about 15 paintings, 10 framed tiles, pendants and a few felties. It looks like a wonderful event. If you are around that week it's Feb. 17th-21st.

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