I think I can...I think I can"...

As I posted earlier I am working on a line of jewelry for the Naked Art Gallery and the upcoming "Microlove" show. I do not proclaim to be a jewelry artist, but do love to accessorize myself with handmade goodies. So I set out to make jewelry... thus the title of this blog, "I think I can...I think I can" from the beloved childhood story The Little Engine That Could. It has been that journey for me the past few weeks.

I started with an inspiration search on Etsy. I wanted to make jewelry that was not too far off from what I love to paint; birds, nests, flowers with blues, greens, white, etc. And then I found her...Patina Queen. Her findings inspired my entire collection. The hand patinaed wire, chain, aqua beads, hand tinted owls, birds, caps, oh I could buy her shop out! I also found a wonderful selection of blue and white beads at the mart last weekend to complete the look. Here are a few of my favorites. Check out my flickr site for the entire collection. I have to inventory and pack it all up tomorrow to fly on over to Vero. You can purchase any of the pieces in her online shop starting next week. I just love the hand patinaed wire. I have a nest similar to this in my jewelry box from Valerie. But the darker wire makes the aqua beads really pop. I also love the baby pearls.
These earrings match the necklace below. Not that they have to go together. I LOVE the tarnished caps and have already ordered more!

These bezels were fun to add images to. I also purchased bezels in yellow, turquoise and another white. Each has a bird image. They remind me of a vintage cameo.

I needed more earrings in the collection and decided that by wrapping the hand patinaed wire around at least twice it was strong enough not to bend in shape. The nest charms were hand patinaed with love.
Well, will I be making more? I have a few unfinished pieces here at the house. And I found an amazing branch with bird and nest at Michael's of all places today. So a few more I suppose. Mailey asked me yesterday, "Mommy are you making anything for yourself or just to sell?" Good question my little 6 year old. I imagine at least one will make it back to my over flowing jewelry box soon!

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