Little Seed and Marmalade...Ooo...and a Giveaway

New little birdies have flown into the art studio. And one is going to be given away on Papernstitch this week! So be sure to check by the blog this week to see how to win! This is Little Seed and Marmalade. I just love this color series together. Mustard yellow and orange. Yummy.

Hope you had a creative weekend! I'm working on Christmas ornaments and other goodies for my next show series coming up in November. Oh, and still waiting for the paper mache goodies to dry. So I'm sure to be back with more from the studio this week!


Lori said...

They are SO cute! You are doing a giveaway! :) I am off to check it out...

tara - scoutie girl said...

so cute! the design says folk and the colors say "hip & modern" - love the combination!

so glad brittni posted your work on scoutie girl. i'm really excited to start following you as an artist :)

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